About BodiBro

They say that, if you want something done properly, you generally have to do it yourself.

That is certainly true in the case of Bodibro, which was created by Wexford footballer Ben Brosnan, assisted by his team-mate Joey Wadding. When Brosnan realised that he didn’t want to complete the course he was enrolled in in IT Carlow, on the advice of Fran O’Reilly of the GPA he explored the possibility of setting up his own sportswear company, having always had an interest in the area.

It’s not an easy market to break into, so quality is key. To this end, having senior intercounty footballers driving Bodibro is a valuable asset as they know what top athletes demand. Bodibro is able to meet those demands and exceed them, while also managing to be competitively priced.

Initially focused on gloves, Bodibro has now expanded to provide a whole line of training wear for Gaelic games as well as shorts and socks, and in soccer it can fulfil a team’s complete outfitting needs.

A hands-on approach, personal to each client, ensures that Bodibro will look after any customer’s desires. You want to be the best, so you won’t settle for not wearing the best. Bodibro is the brand for you.